All our associates are experienced coaches some with formal qualification in the area. We establish clear contracts with clients and take care to evaluate results.

Why Coaching?
Many senior staff say that finding time to carry out strategic thinking and to think through issues relating to the everyday running of the organisation is difficult due to everyday pressures. They recognise that these pressures can often produce situations where it is easy to lose sight of the ‘big picture’ for the organisation.

One to one coaching can provide the space and time for individuals to think about their achievements and priorities within that bigger picture and to look at trends and opportunities.

One to one coaching and mentoring complements existing forms of leadership and management development. It provides a bespoke approach to self-development and the opportunity to do things in new ways. Its increasing use by organisations in all sectors indicates the perceived worth of a process by which an individual talks though their situation, creates a strategy for experimentation and improvement, then prepares plans to achieve their goals.

Individuals who have worked with us have stated the following benefits:

  • The focus of the conversation was uniquely primarily themselves and their circumstances
  • Their thinking, actions and learning benefited significantly from the conversation
  • They were unlikely to have had those benefits in thinking and learning within that timeframe if the conversation had not happened

Examples of Coaching Situations
Situations that benefit from personal coaching include:

  • A leader or manager has been promoted and needs support in performing the new role
  • An individual has been identified for a new role and needs to gain skills or experience to make that move successfully
  • An individual has relationship issues that are creating problems at a personal and/or organisational level
  • An organisation has made significant changes in its strategy and method of operating. Some individuals will need coaching to enable them to continue to work effectively.

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