We are experienced at setting up Mentoring schemes that include:

  • Design of schemes
  • Support to coordinators
  • Training of mentors and mentees

Our Guiding beliefs
An effective mentor - mentee relationship provides the mentees with the following conditions:

  • The acceptance that mentees should set their own objectives
  • An appreciation that individuals have prior knowledge and experiences that are relevant
  • The acceptance that individuals attempt at attaining their objectives will not always be successful
  • The understanding that individuals experiences and developments- even apparent failures – are still learning experiences
  • An understanding that individuals need to be motivated to strive and continue to achieve reasonable objectives

Mentoring is the development of the whole person by:

  • Supporting individuals in discovering and defining their own development needs and setting own objectives fostering independent learners
  • Allowing individuals to raise and talk about their issues occasionally clarifying, reflecting back and challenging
  • Helping individuals to reflect on their beliefs, feelings, thoughts and behaviours and to view issues from multiple perspectives
  • Guiding and encouraging individuals in self reliant analysis and solution of their problems
  • Enabling people to become effective decision-makers
  • Supporting the solution of issues by embracing and integrated approach

Advanced Learning Associates

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