Skills Development
Skills Development

We have extensive experience designing and facilitating events that enhance the skill and confidence of individuals so that they can maintain and improve their performance in specific situations.

We address the issue of transfer learning to the workplace.

We facilitate increased awareness through the use of psychometric questionnaires.

We focus on involving participants in setting practical goals and designing activities that are involving and impactful.

For example:

In working on improving the demonstration of interpersonal skills we, very successfully, structure sessions that involve participants interacting with actors in order to achieve a high degree of reality and therefore enhance the amount of learning transferred to the workplace.

Examples of individual modules:

  • Leadership – by enabling participants to practice their skills in the basic components of successful leadership through case studies, role play and non contextual tasks. (We can add the element of the use the outdoors in such training to add to the impact and learning.)
  • Influencing – all staff are more successful if they can be effective in constructively influencing colleagues, clients and others. Equally, influencing is an essential component of leadership.
  • Dealing with Conflict – the stress of working with colleagues that create anxiety and tensions is a constant factor in organisational life. We facilitate workshops that enable individuals to gain confidence in working to and achieving a constructive solution in situations.
  • Self management - Our approach utilises the concept that self management is a factor of personality preferences and that individuals adopt methods of organising time that meets their own framework.

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