Leadership Development
Leadership Development

We value the opportunities we have to work with and support leaders in a range of organisations, sectors and cultures.

One of our important drivers is to support individuals to enable them to provide effective and trustworthy leadership for individuals and teams.

We offer:

Creation of Competency Structures
We support organisations in identifying what they require from leaders through the creation of competency structures.

We are experienced coaches working with leaders in a wide range of situations including transformation into leadership roles, performance coaching and enhanced strategic focus.
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Transition into Leadership Programmes
We are experienced at working with organisations in supporting them to develop expertise in enabling leaders to make the transition.
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Strengths - based Work with Leaders
We believe, based on our recent experience, that utilising a strengths-based approach to focus on development is a positive and motivational way to support leaders' development. We are licenced to use Strenthsfocus (tm) materials to achieve this in coaching and in programmes.

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