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Sector Experience

  • Banking and Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Housing Associations
  • Retailing
  • Civil Service
  • NHS
  • Local Authorities
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Higher Education
  • Further Education
  • Advanced Learning Associates are a group of skilled coaches, facilitators and trainers who work with Leaders, Managers and Teams across a wide range of sectors and cultures.

    Formed in 2002 we have grown our business through the references of our valued clients and friends.

    Our Belief in Leaders

    We believe that leaders and managers add value to all organisations. We work with them to enable them to gain knowledge and learn skills that will give them the confidence and competence to provide effective leadership.

    In doing so we are also enriching the lives and work of those who work with them and for them.

    The Value of Teams
    Effective teams are one of the keys to the success of organisations and we work with teams to enable them to realise their potential by being able to deal confidently with the challenges they face both in working together and with other teams and individuals.

    We value the opportunities we have to work with and support leaders in a range of organisations, sectors and cultures.

    One of our important drivers is to support individuals to enable them to provide effective and trustworthy leadership for individuals and teams.

    We offer:

  • Coaching
    We are experienced coaches working with leaders in a wide range of situations including transformation into leadership roles, performance coaching and enhanced strategic focus.
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  • Transition into Leadership
    We are experienced at working with organisations in supporting them to develop expertise in enabling leaders to make the transition.
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  • Leadership Development
    We value the opportunities we have to work with and support leaders in a range of organisations, sectors and cultures.
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  • Leadership and Management Development Programmes
    We are experienced at designing and facilitating Leadership and Management Development Programmes that contribute in a meaningful way to the success of organisations.
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  • 360 degree feedback
    Correctly used, this type of feedback has been seen to be very valuable in identifying development needs through enhancing the awareness of individuals.
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  • Skills Development
    We have extensive experience designing and facilitating events that enhance the skill and confidence of individuals so that they can maintain and improve their performance in specific situations.
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  • Mentoring
    We are experienced at setting up Mentoring schemes that include: Design of schemes, Support to coordinators, Training of mentors and mentees.
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  • Action Learning
    The continued growth in the use of Action Learning justifies Prof. Reg Reavans faith in this process of leadership and management learning.
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  • Teams
    We believe effective teams are an essential element in the success of any organisation. We have a long history of working with clients to create and develop effective teams.
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  • Senior Teams
    Senior teams face the challenge of providing effective leadership for their organisations. We have experience support them to achieve this.
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  • Outdoor Based Development
    We have long experience of using the power of outdoor venues and facilities to enhance the impact of development programmes.
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  • Use of Psychometrics
    We are qualified and experienced in the use of psychometric instruments with individuals and groups.
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  • Facilitation of Events
    As experienced facilitators we are called upon to work with a variety of groups to enable them to achieve their objectives through carefully.
    designed events.
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  • Advanced Learning Associates

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