Senior Teams
Senior Teams

All senior teams face the challenge of providing effective leadership for their organisations.

To achieve this they may need to:

  • enhance their ability to work together to demonstrate corporate leadership
  • provide a strategic lead for the organisation
  • ensure they are working at the appropriate strategic level
  • cascade initiatives effectively throughout the organisation
  • have clear processes in place for managing change
  • ensure the effectiveness of communication throughout the organisation.

We have experience of working with senior teams to support them in achieving all of the above and more.

We work in an action orientated way, ensuring a clear emphasis on both the task of the team and internal processes to which they need to be sensitive.

We also combine working with team with coaching for individuals supporting them in their role within the team, as senior leaders in the organisation and as ambassadors in the world outside.

We can organise and brief external Mentors for members of senior teams.


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